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Rick Shezoray @ the DISCO-theque Vol. 3

Intro - Last Days Of Disco
Love Disco Style - Erotic Drum Band
Ite Missa Este - Martin Circus
Under Water - Harry Thumann
Palace Palace - Who's Who
Lust Or Love - Malibu
Car Crash - Uranium
You Make It Hard To Love You - Rainbow
Wake Up - Stop
They Call Me Queen Of Fools - Jessica Williams
Sweet Fantasy - Lisa Smith
Whisper To A Scream - Bobby O & Claudja Barry
Remember - Vivien Vee
Living On Video (Remix) - Trans-X
Keep It Coming - Bobby O & Boyd Brothers
I Want A Man - Bobby O & Bonnie Forman
Runaway - Tapps
Talk About - Phaeax
Over & Over - Disco Circus
I Like You - Phylis Nelson
Crazy Over You - Desire
Love Is In You - Nightlife Unlimited