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Rick Shezoray Halloween Set 2004

Here's a set I did at the BackToDisco Halloween party @ Caddies in 2004.

Theme From Friday The 13th (Part 3) - Hot Ice
L.R.J. Pop - General Caine
I'm Gonna Be Your Lover (24 Hrs. A Day) - J.D. Hall
Sex (Remix) - Berlin
Nowhere Girl - B-Movie
Dr. Sex - Pleasure & The Beast
Daytime Logic (Baby Won't You Marry Me) - Peter Baumann
Dancing In Heaven - Q-Feel
DANCE Party - Blue Lazer
Party - Julius Brown
Magnifique (Disconet) - Magnifique
Remember - Vivien Vee
Your Love (Remix) - Lime
Fire In My Heart - Madleen Cane
Sweet Conversation - Charity
Love Trap - Anita Astaire
Got To Get To You - Charade
I Can Feel It (Vocal) - Rex Abe