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Rick Shezoray Alternate KROQ Mix

I created this mix as a birthday gift for a friend. This mix is perfect for lovers of alternative 80's music. The songs on this mix are great 80's songs, but not often found on the other numerous 80's compilations that seem to all have the same pop songs. Bottom line: If you are of true fan of eighties music, ENJOY!


The Smiths ~ Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
Depeche Mode ~ Enjoy The Silence
Tears For Fears ~ Mad World
The Smiths ~ How Soon Is Now
Depeche Mode ~ Leave In Silence
Duran Duran ~ Planet Earth
The Smiths ~ I'm So Sorry
Depeche Mode ~ Master & Servant
The Smiths ~ Ask Me
Depeche Mode ~ Strange Love
Tears For Fears ~ Change
The Smiths ~ Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
The Cure ~ Love Song
Joy Division ~ Love Will Tear Us Apart
New Order ~ Ceremony
The Cure ~ Just Like Heaven
Depeche Mode ~ Just Can't Get Enough
New Order ~ Bizarre Love Triangle