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Rick Shezoray Disco Crayons Mix

This is the mix from the Black & White Night @ the Dream Disco. I used only colored vinyl from my collection. Check out the videos of my live performance below.


Gamble On Your Love - Jessica Williams (red)
Love Is In You - Nightlife Unlimited (splatter)
Shanghaied - 'Lectric Funk (red)
The Runner - The Three Degrees (white)
Souvenirs - Voyage (splatter)
Lucky - Donn Summer (orange)
Ite Missa Este - Martin Circus (pic disc)
(Can't Be Love) Do It To Me Anyway - Peter Brown (red)
Sentimentally It's You - Theo Vaness (green)
His Name Is Charlie - Laser (blue)
Standing In The Shadows - Fever (yellow)
Jump Shout - Lisa (green)
Talk About - Phaeax (clear)
Give Me Your Love - Fun Fun (orange)
Man To Man/Man Parrish - Male Stripper (pic disc)
You Never Said Goodbye - Cherry Lime (red)
Another Boy In Town - Two Girls (clear)
Vamos A La Playa - Righeira (red)
Dance Your Love Away (Remix) - Michael Prince (red)
Shake It Up - Divine (pic disc)

Rick Shezoray LIVE Color Vinyl Set

(Part 1)

Color Vinyl Set

(Part 2)