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Rick Shezoray Clear The Dance Floor
(Part Two)

An eclectic mix of 80's High Energy, Euro Energy & Italo disco.
PART TWO! "Now if we can just make them dance to it". LOL


Pillow Talk - Lustt
Sweet Magic (Midnight Mix) - Dreams Come True
Crazy Dreams (Club Mix) - Tyrants In Therapy
Tunnel Vision - Midnight Shift
Thunder & Lightning - Heat-X-Change
Without Your Love (I'm Never Gonna Make It) - Paul Parker
Too Many Promises - Nancy Dean & Bobby Orlando
Forgive - The Flirts & Bobby Orlando
Duri Duri (Baila Baila) (Remix-European) - Click
Love Dies With The Night - The Only
Say You'll Be Mine - Kim Taylor
The Main Attraction (Hot Tracks) - Yoh-Yo
Lady Blue - Total Toly
I Am Alive (Hot Tracks) - Saphir
Good Time To Make Love (Part IV Re-Mix) - Ghost
Save Yourself For Me - Dee Dee Martin
Come Back To Me (Remix) - Prototype
Lucky Tonight - Sarah Dash & Patrick Cowley
Magic Man (Young Man, Young Man) - Wow & Bobby Orlando