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Rick Shezoray -
Back To Baby Doe's Hi-NRG & Freestyle Mix

Here's a mix dedicated to the Days we used to Party at Baby Doe's in Alhambra, CA. We've come Back To Baby Doe's (now called Monterey Steakhouse) and are having a great time throwing some of the biggest Disco, High-NRG, Freestyle parties L.A. has ever seen. The memories flow when your Back To Disco.


Tropique - Muriel Dacq
Bi-Pushin - Maga
All Night Passion - Alisha
Feel The Spin - Debbie Harry
I Like You (Hot Tracks) - Phyllis Nelson
Knockin' On My Door - Barbara Fowler
On The Up Side - Xena
Point Of No Return - Expose
Don Quichote - Magazine 60
High Energy - Evelyn Thomas
When I Hear Music (Ultimix) - Debbie Deb
Unexpected Lovers - Lime
Let Me Feel It (Remix) - Samantha Gilles
Diamond Girl - Nice N' Wild
Eat You Up - Angie Gold
Tunnel Of Love - Carol Cooper
Hot Sun On Video - Venus
Dancing In My Sleep - Secret Ties
Rock Me - Connie
Down & Counting - Claudja Barry
Lookout Weekend - Debbie Deb