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Rick Shezoray -
Disco Is Life

"Disco is not dead. Disco is life~"



Intro - Mystery Men Casanova/Tony
Harmony - Suzi Lane
Hot Wax - Denis LePage
Let's All Chant - Michael Zagger Band
The Chase (Hot Tracks) - Giorgio Moroder
I've Found Love - Love & Kisses
Je Suis Music - Cerrone
After Dark - Patti Brooks
Don't Stop Dancing - France Joli
Get Up Boogie - Leroy Gomez
Never Gonna Say Goodbye (Disconet) - Poussez!
Come Into My Heart - USA European Connection
Saturday - Norma Jean
Keep On Makin' Me High - Unyque
If You Weren't Afraid - Giorgio Moroder
I Love Music (Dimitri From Paris) - The O'Jays
If There Is Love - Amant
Get On The Funk Train - Munich Machine
Disco Connection - Isaac Hayes