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Rick Shezoray -
Capricorn Birthday Mix

I made this mix back in January for my birthday. The intro features my friends Danny Debonair & Adrian Prism on their Flashback Rewind show. ENJOY!


Intro - Flashback Rewind Show
Bad Love - Emergency
You Think You're A Man - Divine
Givin' Up - Bobby Orlando
My Love (Remix) - Lime
I Cry For You - Shy Rose
Once Is Not Enough - Oh' Romeo
I Want A Man - Bonnie Forman
Runaway - Tapps
Move It On - Rofo
I don't Wanna Fall In Love - Karen Silver
Call My Number (Ultimix) - Oh' Romeo
Ta'Nite - Entourage
Love On Video - New York Models
Pushin' To Hard - Paul Parker
Wake Dream (Remix) Lime
I Don't Wanna Talk About It (Hot Tracks) - Pamela Stanely
Once In A Lifetime - Beachfront
Native Love 84 - Divine