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Rick Shezoray • Back To Disco Remix

Intro - Donna Summer - I Feel Love [Rick Shezoray Intro]
Dancer • Gino Soccio [Leon Deejay Disco-Scopic Mix]
Utopia • Giorgio Moroder [Paul Goodyear ReWork]
Over & Over • Disco Circus [Disco Cousteau Edit #7]
It's A Ultimate War Lord • The Immortals vs Kano [Rick Shezoray 2010 Victory Mix]
Remember • Vivien Vee [Revision Andre Edney]
Sylvester • Dance Disco Heat [Gay Marvine Fix]
Now Baby Now • Kano [11 Man-NRG Edit]
Don't You Want My Love • Debbie Jacobs [JMJ edit MCA 12'' Red Vinyl Promo]
MacArthur Park • Donna Summer [09 WEN!NG & Jandry's Confederation Club Edit Mix]
Give Me A Break • Vivien Vee [Glenn Rivera ReStructure]
The Runner • The Three Degrees [E-phonks 11 re-edit]
On & On (Remix by Mach) [SMQ Re-Edit SleazyMcQueen]
Romeo & Juliet • Alec R. Costandinos [Leonidas Mix]
Have A Cigar • Rosebud [Toby Silver Remix]
Rock It • Lipps Inc [Symbolone Edit]
Your Love • Lime [Extended Long Edit by EduardoDJ 80's]