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Rick Shezoray • Soft Cell Mega~Medley

Here is a Mega-Medley of Soft Cell greatest hits for my friend Juilo Villalobos. He has been wanting me to make this for a long time. ENJOY! ;~)


Sleaze It, Take It, Shake It [Marc & The Mambas Original Version]
Say Hello, Wave Goodbye [07 Marcus Lancaster Remix]
God-Shaped Hole [Remix]
Torch [Ultrasound 14inch Version]
Meet Murder My Angel [07 Marc Almond & Kinky Roland Remix]
Surrender To A Stranger [07 MHC Remix Edit]
Insecure Me
Memorabilia [12'']
Chips On My Shoulder [Mark Moore & Kinky Roland Remix]
A Man Can Get Lost [07 Marcello Remix]
It's A Mug's Game [Extended]
Fun City
Tainted Love (Where Did Our Love Go) [Duracell Mix]
Bedsitter [Extended 12'' Mix]
Sex Dwarf [07 The Grid Remix]
What [07 Simon Plastiq Remix]